Since graduating from college Ian has established a prolific career as a flute player. He has worked with St Paul's Sinfonia, West London Sinfonia, Concert Orchestra of London, Dionysus Ensemble, Taunton Sinfonietta, Sinclair Sinfonia and Welsh National Opera. As a soloist he has performed Bach B minor Suite, Brandenburg Concerto No 5, Martin Ballade, Ibert Concerto, Mozart Flute & Harp Concerto. He has given many recitals with a variety of chamber ensembles, around the globe as well as on cruise ships and at the South Bank Centre, London. Ian is currently the flute player with London Childrens Ballet, St Paul's Sinfonia and recently played with Apollo Chamber Orchestra, Hampstead Garden Opera, Blaze Ensemble and in St Martin's-in-the Fields and Royal Albert Hall. He plays piccolo with London International Orchestra and can also be found in theatre orchestra pits playing for musicals.

Evita - 2016



Nadine Benjamin - Opera Singer

The sound you make on the flute is exquisite - we were lucky to have you! You were such a valuable member of the team!


Paul Wynne Griffiths - Conductor Royal Opera House & London International Orchestra

It is always a pleasure to see Ian sitting in the woodwind section, either as piccolo or first flute. He is both reliable and musical in solos and ensemble and has a warm, full sound that is always in tune.


Neil Rutherford - Musical Director

It's been a great pleasure to have Ian play flute and piccolo for me on several occasions, both for recordings and also live concert performance with work ranging from classical ensemble to full musical orchestrations. Ian is an exceptionally good musician and player, with great sensitivity, flare and musicianship. He is a quick and diligent reader in all styles both within an ensemble and as a soloist. I would hire him any time I can.


Clive Swan - Musical Director

It’s always a pleasure to have Ian playing in an orchestra, thanks to his excellent musicianship, enthusiasm and versatile skills. He has worked in pit bands on many musical shows for me over the years and is always a first choice flute player!


Philip Hesketh - Conductor London Children's Ballet

Ian has played for me both in symphony orchestras and in the theatre pit for a great many years. Lately this has been principally with the orchestra of the London Children's Ballet. His playing is always delightful - technically secure and brilliant and musically warm and sensitive. His company is enormously enjoyable and he is much beloved by me and all his colleagues. He is also fantastic with children - the rapport he creates with them is beautiful to see. It's always a pleasure to look forward to working with him.

Abbey Road - 2018

Union Chapel December 2018